Q) I don't understand one of the guidelines, what should I do?

A) Email via the contact form or call me for clarification.

Q) Do you really mean your submission guidelines?

A) Yes, all of them. They make me happier, are the least you'll have to do if your book is sold and they save me time, which also makes me happier.

Q) What font or fonts do you prefer?

A) Nearly any standard font that is not in the Courier family. Acceptable choices include but are not limited to: Arial, Times New Roman, Times, and Garamond.

Q) Do you take new authors?

A) Yes.

Q) What do you mean by new authors?

A) Anyone unpublished, unpublished in science fiction or fantasy, by a major house for a novel length work.

Q) Do you handle Young Adult, Romance, Mystery... ?

A) Yes, I will work on those, but I am primarily a SF/F specialist and will only handle other things if I am working with you on my specialty.

Q) What novel should I send you?

A) You should send your best SF/F novel, that being the one that best combines good pacing, three dimensional characters, and a fully realized world that has logical limits and checks and balances to it.

Q) When do I send you money?

A) Huh? I'm not bank, you aren't buying internet access from me. This is not some get rich quick scheme, nor do I guarantee you will get your name on the side of a book. Really, ask any author who has worked with a big house, and they will tell you, money flows to the author. The short version of how it works is: submit, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait get a phone call or email, haggle, get paid. Honest. Look here:

Q) Do you take paper submissions?

A) Yes, If you have had at least one novel in the New York Times top ten Best Sellers List. If so, feel free to send to:

The OnyxHawke Agency
141 Newburyport Turnpike
Suite 382 Rowley Ma 01969

Q) I've been published by a major house but don't have an agent, should I put this in my email?

A) Yes. Please enter PPA into the end of the subject line when you send. If I am specifically looking for Previously Published Authors you will jump the queue a bit, if you lie about this you will not be read, and your email address will be blocked. Please indicate the ISBN, title, publisher, and date of publication in a separate paragraph after your signature line in the email.

Q) What if I've published short stories before with an anthology or other major market?

A) Unless you've been nominated for and or won a major award such as (but not limited to) a Hugo, Nebula, Locus, or World Fantasy award there is no need to indicate so in the subject line, but please do mention it in the text when you submit. If you did (or even the anthology your work was in) get nominated or won an award, please indicate it in the subject line by putting in the code: PPA-SA.

Q) Mike, i met you at a convention, remember me? We talked about my novel

A) Probably not, my memory is awful. However, if you can briefly but concisely tell me what we talked about and give me a brief description of your appearance, this is always useful. In the subject line insert: Con Name-date.

Q) I met you at a convention, do I send the submission to the email address on your card or through the one that the submission link opens?

A) Submission link please.

Q) Why did you reject my novel? You hate me, don't you?

A) It wasn't good enough, and yes I do hate you, and everyone else. Suck it up cupcake.

Q) You just rejected my novel, is there any chance it might be publishable with some work?

A) Yes, if I reject something there could be multiple causes, including me just not knowing which hole to push your tesseract into. If I gave you advice, and you find it valuable, try it, send it back as a resubmission. At the end of the subject line insert; Resub-date of first submission. And include the body of the emailed rejection to jog my memory. (see above)

Q) Is it true that all agents are in a conspiracy to keep me out of the field?

A) Yes, thanks for sending us your address.

Q) What do you think of various people and companies on the Preditors and Editors list that people are warned against?

A) If I answer that question honestly I'm afraid my site will get blocked by most corporate, and educational web filters.

Q) I can't find one of your author's addresses, can I send something to you for them?

A) Yes. Please do not send any food, plants, controlled substances, products or other items that would draw the attention of law enforcement in the U.S.A or abroad. Please send the package to:

The OnyxHawke Agency
(authors name goes here)
141 Newburyport Turnpike Suite 382
Rowley Ma 01969

Q) Will you come to our con as a guest?

A) Possibly, tell me more about it by sending me a message through the contact form, my email address if you have it or one of my numerous instant messenger screen names.Calling me works too, but if you email me I can probably give you a more accurate because I'll have time to check my schedule.

Q) Will your client come to our con as a guest?

A) See above.

Q) You've made it difficult to contact you by not listing your email address!!

A) No, really I haven't, the contact form goes to me wherever I am, and I don't have to fight thousands of pieces of spam a day.

Q) Will you take authors who are under the age of eighteen?

A) Under special circumstances the answer is yes.

Q) There's a rumor going around that you reject people for contacting you after they submit a novel to you. The different versions of the rumor say that you include instant messages, and email in this culling if they come from people you didn't speak to often before they submitted. Are these rumors true?

A) No comment.

Q) You did a special called "Masochism Monday" where you critiqued everyone's novel. When will you be doing it again?

A) I'm not sure, but there will probably not be more than a two week lead time between when I mention it and when it occurs. The regular submission inbox is however open and I keep the slush pruned back to a reasonable wait time.

Q) Should I send a query letter before submitting?

A) No. Query letters will be deleted and no response will be sent. Multiple queries by the same person will get their email address and or IP address blocked.

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